The Environmental Protection and Waste Management Committee with the residents and farmers of Barangay Diaz participated in the Vermicomposting training conducted to help the barangay establish an organic fertilizer facility under the Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) program of the Department of Science and Technology. Through the Provincial S&T Center- Pangasinan Field Office and Pangasinan State University- Sta. Maria Campus, participants especially the farmers were able to understand the process of converting organic waste to nutrient-dense soil or organic fertilizer.

Barangay Diaz, the largest barangay in the municipality of Bautista has three hundred nine (309) households engaged in agriculture and they prefer applying synthetic fertilizer and pesticides in their crops. Through the training last December 16, 2021, vermicomposting was introduced as a way to convert their agricultural wastes and animal manure which are readily available in their farms to organic fertilizer that they can use in their crops. Mr. Joe-Louise B. Montano discussed the preparation of materials, steps and stages of vermicomposting, tips in maintaining and harvesting vermicompost and demonstrated how to stack the degradable organic materials.

At the same day, one (1) unit of Dual Drum Composter and multi-purpose organic shredder were awarded to the barangay. The shredder processes biodegradable materials into small pieces for faster decomposition. The machine can shred organic wastes like small tree branches, as well as glass bottles. While the operation of the shredder was demonstrated, Brgy. Captain Juanito Dacanay expressed his relief as they can now pulverize glass bottles littered at the materials recovery facility (MRF). Another technology training will be scheduled for proper use and maintenance of the Dual Drum Composter- one of the green technologies developed by Department of Science and Technology-Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI).

CEST will continue building progressive and environmentally responsible communities in the region.